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Choose your own components for a solar solution






















We offer a wide range of different AC~DC power supplies, Solar panels,Solar regulators, dc-dc converters, battery chargers and Industrial batteries from worldwide suppliers for applications in the field of industrial process controls, battery charging requirements, personal computers, telecommunications, graphics displays, plating and gold recovery industries and wherever required in the commercial, telecoms, mining or industrial markets.







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We specialise in providing medium to large renewable energy
solutions for the large domestic and commercial sectors and
other organisations. We offer turn-key solutions: system design,
specification, installation and commissioning, through to 
after-care services.

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If you would like to find out more information regarding our Battery Solutionsplease contact us. We offer a wide range of Assorted batteries for different applications: Solar,
Automotive, Marine, Tellecomunication, Back-up,
Heavy-Duty Vehicle's...


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High Reliability Standard Switching Power Supply.
ONE STOP shopping for all your POWER needs.
We are the Leading PROVIDERS for High Efficiency products
and with an energy SAVING design.

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We offer a range of DC to AC inverters practically sized for domestic, commercial and leisure applications. For more information regarding the pure sine wave inverters, please contact our technical department: Tel 010 591-1714



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Our clients are most concerned about power issues such as power failure. We emphasizes on the areas of redundant power supply, voltage regulation, equipment protection and adjustment. Let us work out your Back-up Time and system for you.

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Our battery chargers also have wide volt range, and come in 12V and 24V models. Whether you need a heavy duty battery charger to recharge your car, or something smaller for your Canon or Nikon camera, we have chargers for you.


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Telecom power systems secure telecommunication services in case of grid power interruptions and fluctuations. We provide a broad range of power systems and global services to telecom operators, network manufacturers and integrators.

Rent to Own-

Why be cut off? – Just because you can’t afford to buy a solution…

We now have lease options available. Various models
and various solutions. Affordable rent to own packages
to suite your pocket.







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