Morningstar is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of solar charge controllers & inverters. Since their inception in 1993, Morningstar has installed more than 2.5 million units in over 112 countries around the world. Our controllers & inverters have set new standards in performance, quality, reliability and innovation. Morning Star’s products have been recognised for offering the industry’s best overall customer value.

Solar Solutions is a proud Stockist of Morningstar’s extensive range of solar regulators. Our wide variety ensures that your specific solar regulation requirements are met. For further information or advice on a suitable solar regulator, contact the solar specialists at Solar Solutions.

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ProStar MPPT

The NEW ProStar MPPT™ is a mid-range MPPT solar charge controller with TrakStar Technology™ that provides  maximum power point tracking (MPPT) battery charging for off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems up to 1100 watts. This device is ideal for industrial and residential applications.

15 & 30 amps at 12/24 or 48 volts.
Morningstar’s ProStar™ is the world’s
leading mid-range solar controller for
both professional and consumer
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6 & 10 amps at 12 volts. Morningstar’s SHS™
controller was specifically designed to meet the
needs of rural solar home systems in developing
countries. It provides many features and benefits
not available on other controllers including automatic lighting control.
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4.5 amps at 12 volts. Morningstar’s SunGuard™ is the
world’s leading single module controller. We have combined
all the advantages of our SunSaver charging circuit with less expensive
packaging to provide an economical controller for small PV systems
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6 & 12 amps at 12 volts. Morningstar’s SunKeeper™
solar controller provides a low cost regulated output
directly from the solar module to maximize battery
life in small solar power applications
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10 & 20 amps at 12 or 24 volts.
Morningstar’s SunLight™ solar lighting
controller combines the SunSaver design
with an advanced microcontroller
for automatic lighting control functions
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6,10 or 20 amps at 12 or 24 volts.
Morningstar’s SunSaver™ is the world’s
leading small solar controller for both
professional and consumer applications
including standard features and
capabilities not found in any other
small PV controller
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SunSaver DUO
25 amps at 12 volts.
Morningstar SunSaver Duo ™
is an advanced PWM two battery
controller for RVs, caravans, boats
and cottages. Designed for 25 amps
at 12 volts DC, at the same time
calculate this product of two
separate batteries and isolated
as a “house” and an engine
battery, based on user selectable priorities.
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Sun saver MPPT
15A at 12 or 24V. Morningstar’s
SunSaver MPPT™ solar controller with
TrakStar™ Technology is an advanced
maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
battery charger for off-grid PV systems
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6348486611369143075_20130521152849_thumb.jpg 45 & 60 amps at 12-48V. Morningstar’s TriStar™ is a
three-function controller that provides reliable solar
battery charging, load control or diversion regulation.
It is rated at 45 or 60 amps, both at 12-48 volts,
and has an optional meter, remote meter and remote temperature sensor.
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TriStar MPPT
45 to 60 amps at up to 150 volts open circuit.
Morningstar’s TriStar MPPT 600V charge controller
(TS-MPPT-600V) is a brand new addition to our world-leading
TriStar MPPT solar controller family, which was first
introduced in 2009 and has become the MPPT
controller of choice for many large, global, off-grid PV applications
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