DHC battery chargers


Battery chargers

Intelligent Battery Charger  will enable you to program ECU’s on vehicles by the adjustable Voltage setting. Amps are also controllable via the front panel and it will go through the normal 5 stage charging and maintaining. Super fast charging of batteries via the pulsing method and also able to jump start vehicles with the 90 Amp facilities on the unit.

The app features:

● Performs Battery Test, System Test, Start Stop AGM/EFB Battery Test & EV Battery Test
● Share Test Result by E-Mail and Text
● Interactive Home Menu
● Easy & Fast Bluetooth Pairing
● Detailed Test Report
● Store and track up to 2,000 test records
● Data export and store in cloud (Optional)

AEA1.2 AE1000 SCM0154 SCM54
AEA1.2 AE1000 SCM0154 SCM0154
1.2Amp advanced switching power digital battery charger/
1.5A/10A Smart battery cahrger with LCD Display switching power and digital processing. 4 Station, 1.5 Amp, 12V Battery charger/maintainer 4 Station, 5 Amp
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SCM153 AE5000
AC Voltage 100 – 240Vac,
Charge Current 2 / 7 / 15 Amp
(Each Station)
DHC Autoexact AE5000,
12 Volt / 50 Amp
Power Supply and Battery Charge
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