DHC Memory Savers

DHC memory savers

Battery Memory Protector and saver

DHC portable battery memory Saver, 4.5 Amp

One complete, compact unit which saves the vehicle memory during a normal battery change. Window, radio and key coding info could be lost during battery change or during prolonged battery disconnection.

Battery changes are normally quick but info would be lost like steering position sensor and ABS would keep that info stored. Airbag info would also store info on any battery disconnection.

This handy portable unit would save you hours of frustration were it could be avoided. Connection takes place via cigarette lighter socket or the OBD connector

MS-7 MS-1
MS-7 MS-1
7Ah, professional auto computer memory saver. 1AC charger & 1 accessory outlet adapter. 4.5Ah, professional auto computer memory saver. Saves the vehicles on board diagnostic memory and other on-board memory components such as digital clocks, anti-theft radios ect. when the vehicle’s battery is removed or disconnected.
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