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Mounting systems for solar technology – K2 Systems

K2 mounting systems offer photovoltaic installation solutions for all roof types and roof coverings. Choose the appropriate category to view all compatible systems.

Flat Roofs Tiles Roofs Corrugated Fibre Cement Trapezoidal Sheet Metal Standing/Ground Seam Roof
K2 System flat roof
K2 mounting systems for flat roofs are suitable for many substrates such as concrete, bitumen, sheets, green roofs, gravel or trapezoidal sheet. K2 mounting systems for brick roofing offer solutions for nearly every roof tile type. K2 mounting systems with hanger bolts or solar fasteners are suitable for coverings made of corrugated fibre cement or Eternit, corrugated iron, or trapezoidal sheets. K2 mounting systems for trapezoidal sheet roofs without fixing the substructure are fixed with self-tapping sheet metal screws in the high beading K2 mounting systems for standing seam roofs are suitable for standing seams and round seams. This system is non-penetrative and fixed with seam clamps.
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Ground mounted systems

K2 ground mounted system

For all substrates and environmental conditions

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