Steca solar fridges

solar firdges

Two of Steca’s best solar fridges; a 47kg (166l) and a 62kg (240l) option.

This versatile appliance can be used for

  • food storage
  • to keep medicines refrigerated in hospitals.

Steca offers quality products with

  • high efficiency
  • quality reliability.

Solar powered fridges are a valuable asset to any business or home to ensure that items that require refrigeration are never at risk of perishing.

These fully programmable solar fridges are adaptable to your specific refrigeration requirements and can be used as a fridge or freezer.

Steca’s appliances are user-friendly, require zero maintenance and are equipped with a plug to drain excess water. For further information on these products, contact the team at Solar Solutions.

Steca PF 166

Steca PF 240

166L, 40W, 917 x 872 x 709 mm, 47 kg. 240L, 100W, 1,288 x 919 x 760 mm, 62 kg
Part number: Steca PF 166 Part number: Steca PF 240
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