Uninterruptible power supply(UPS)

Extend your backup time of your UPS

A uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is used to protect critical loads from mains supply problems including:

  • spikes
  • voltage dips
  • fluctuations and complete power failures.

UPS systems can also be used to ‘bridge the gap’ whilst a standby generator is started and synchronized.

Power failure cause damage to your computer and results in data loss. Prevent any loss by protecting your business with our uninterruptible power supply solutions. We have UPS solutions for any run time needed. Be prepared for those unexpected shutdowns.

Choose your UPS

Modulon Family Ultron Family Amplon Family
Modulon UPS Ultron UPS Amplon UPS
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Aglion Family UPS Combos Connectivity
Aglion UPS combo Connectivity
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